Wireless Rig Intercom w*intercom FAQ

We’re heavy duty. Our stuff can take a beating. Works when it’s too cold and too hot.

w*intercom rig intercom FAQ

The disadvantage of running wires is that every time the rig moves, the communications contractor has to drive to the site, tear out the wiring, and then go the following day to the new rig location and wire it all again. Wiring also fails at low temperatures, especially when people drive over it, or walk on it repeatedly. You also cannot repeatedly use the same wire for the same rig. Generally, the most number of tear down and installations that one set of wiring can reliably perform is two to three moves, then the wiring needs to be discarded and new wiring installed.

Teletics manufactures a wireless communications system called the w*intercom for use on drilling rigs. The w*intercom provides telephone, data, and public address at up to 20 locations at a rig site.

Our equipment is industrial wireless grade and built to take a beating in tough environments. The Teletics w*intercom is programmed with Teletics TUtil software, which is a very simple software utility that anyone can use. The field diagnostic software is also very friendly. The w*intercom can be successfully deployed with field staff with minimal technical skills.

The Teletics w*intercom also has two features built right in that normally are separate system components. These are the 40W PA amplifier for both loud ring and voice, and the integrated horn/light relay. These two built in features can save our customers hundreds of dollars when compared to “build it yourself” systems.

Our customers use our products in some of the most environmentally demanding situations on earth. w*intercom, ZipLine, and MoNet products are used throughout the world in oil and gas drilling operations, industrial wireless access points, fuel sites, and electrical and gas utilities.

Traditional telephone and consumer communications products fail in these environments. Our customers want simple and elegant Phone communications that can withstand industrial environmental challenges, movement, and handling that is sometimes “less than gentle”.

Teletics products are designed to operate efficiently in complex communications environments involving integration with satellite communications, traditional land line telephone, public safety systems, and cellular. Our designs provide simple, elegant programming and setup, which provides lowest effective cost of fleet operation.

The Teletics w*intercom Advantage

  • Extremely LOUD PA system
  • Reduces communication set up time and manpower cost for moving work sites
  • Eliminates exorbitant cabling costs associated with providing telephone and computer network services to customers where none previously existed
  • Offers superior reliability of communications over temporary wiring approaches which are prone to failure
  • Offers programming and system configuration changes that are quick and easy due to the simplicity of design.

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