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w*intercom - Wireless Intercom for drilling rigs and mobile worksites

 Outdoor Wireless Intercom Systems

Outdoor Long-Range Wireless Intercom Systems

Our w*intercom system builds on 3 product generations experience of what is needed for reliable wireless communications on a drilling rig site, or any temporary work camp that moves frequently.

Professional industrial grade wireless that provides phone, internet, LOUD ring and PA (public address)  to improve safety and make communications tear down and setup during moves a thing of the past. Designed for specifically for rapid installation by staff with minimal computer skills.

w*intercom – Wireless Intercom Features

Communication must haves for drilling rigs and remote campsites

  • Ability to communicate on-site
  • Ability to communicate externally
  • PA speakers in numerous locations
  • LOUD PA / Ringers for phones

w*intercom eliminates the need to run cable. Cable can be problematic. Weather, animals, and breakage due to moves and heavy equipment, can shut you down in an instant. The cost of cable plus the cost of set up and tear down will generally pay for the w*intercom wireless intercom system in a few months of operation.


  • Eliminates the cost of cable
  • Increases site safety
  • Offers easy integration with cellular, landline, VSAT and Inmarsat
  • Can be customized for every application

Perfect for remote applications requiring:

  • Wireless phones
  • Intercoms
  • Paging
  • Internet

Applications for the w*intercom

To best understand how to apply Teletics Products to your application, we offer a number of application notes based on our experience in various industries.

w*intercom systems provide remote wireless camp communications. These systems rapidly pay for themselves by reducing cabling costs associated with setup and tear down of camps that move frequently. This include oil and gas drilling rigs, public safety response units, construction and mining.


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